Monday, June 4, 2018

Shaping the Space in Which You Work: Your Office Desk

We can all remember our first grade school desks—that wooden slab and rusted metal seat in one. In those pre-digital days, all we ever needed from a work station was space for our books, pens and pencils. Today the home office desk, like so many other pieces of office furniture and tech, has adapted to suit the needs of the 21st century. With change, the question arises: which sort of workspace do I need to be productive?

Your Ideal Work Station of the 21st Century

Of course, not everyone utilizes a desk in exactly the same way. Some of us, still more familiar with the weight and pressure of a hand-held writing utensil, prefer a spread of notebooks before us; while others surround themselves in the buzz and glow of tablets, monitors, and electronics.

If you yourself lean toward the latter, you may want a surface that can support not only a laptop, but multiple LCD displays, and even a sliding tray for your keyboard or mouse. Ultimately, you’ll be looking at what we in the business call a computer desk; namely, one that’s designed with all your cables, wires and towers in mind.

 Glossy White Computer Desk

Writing Desks for Readers and Writers Alike

Perhaps you don’t necessarily want a home office desk that’s dedicated to your computer, tablet or laptop. Don’t worry—we understand! Plenty of our customers feel the same way, sparking the renaissance of the writing table. Compared to the computer desk, this piece of furniture gives all the surface area you could ever need for your binders, paperwork, books, and crafts.

Because of its enduring popularity and elegance, the writing table today takes on as many forms and shapes as any other staple of the modern home office.

 Starmore Brown Home Office Desk

Desks Of All Shapes and Sizes, for Any Space

Whether you’re searching for a desk for your personal den or your professional workplace, you’ll find our stock at Harlem Furniture perfect for any space, of any size or scale. Anticipating all our customers, we carry both computer and writing desks for corners and credenzas, from the sleek silver to rich cherry black.

Visit us at our furniture store in New York, NY to browse our inventory of beautiful and functional computer desks and writing tables!