Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Ideas for Holidays and Casual Gatherings: Your Dining Room Decor

Perhaps it’s the 4th of July or the 40th birthday party of one of your closest relatives. Regardless of the season or the occasion, if you’re the one hosting the next big social gathering, you’ll need the dining room furniture to accommodate it. Depending on the size of your home, and how you like to serve your meals, you may be looking at a counter-height dining table, or a more ornate 4-stool rectangular table. Since we’re savvy when it comes to everything related to decor, we want to walk you through all your design options, as we lay out some fresh ideas for your dining room furniture.

 round dining room table

Secure a Dining Room Set, for Any Sized Space

Imagine that you’ve invited all your friends and family for the upcoming holiday party. When you gaze into your dining room, can you easily envision everyone finding a spot and eating, side by side? Before you even get into the style of your dining room, you should ensure that you have a dining room table that can handle all of your guests, any children and the occasional plus one or two.   

On more intimate occasions, like a small gathering of friends from school, we like to seat guests around circular dining room tables, be they made from clear glass or sunburst wooden veneers.

 extension table

Purchase the Best and Most Versatile Dining Table

So you under or overestimated how many guests you’d be hosting or how much food there’d be on your dining room table. It happens to all of us now and then. Your best bet in the future: own a smaller or larger dining room table that you can swap out—or purchase extension dining room tables that have both aesthetic appeal and versatility to them. Plank-style tabletops can be ideal for laying out extra plates of food or doubling as the kid’s station.

Remember: you don’t always have to preserve your dining room sets. Sometimes it’s just easier to mix and match pieces.

 upholstered dining chair

Stylize Your Dining with a Pair of Upholstered Chairs

In the way that we encourage you to mix and match with your dining room table, we recommend the same with your dining room chairs—but only so much. As a general rule, if you’re leaning to purchasing an upholstered side chair, pair it alongside other upholstered side chairs. If half of all your dining room seating isn’t identical, you’re not likely to enjoy it, aesthetically speaking.

To simplify the whole dining room design process for yourself, visit our furniture store in the New York, NY and Bronx areas.