Thursday, March 7, 2019

Welcome to Reclining Sofas 101: Choose the Right One for YOU

So you want to bring your living room furniture’s comfort to the next level. Not a problem when at Harlem Furniture you’ve got so many awesome living room reclining sofas to choose from! The trouble is there are SO many that you freeze from information overload. Here are some things to consider before you commit.

Beige suede reclining sofa

Does the Reclining Sofa Give Essential Support?

If you’re like us, your back’s pains multiply as you age. Maybe you worked hard on the job this week or retain some spinal damage from your younger days playing football. No matter the injury, make sure your living room reclining sofa is amply padded with resilient foam and especially holds your lower back well, the lumbar region as the doctors call it. This gentle indented curve in your spine is vital for your well-being, saving you far more pain down the road. When in doubt, ask YOUR doctor what’s best, let us know, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Dark brown reclining sofa in living room

Does Your Living Room Measure Up?

We’re not saying your living room is uncool; not at all! Rather, we’re trying to stop you getting too much reclining sofa for your square footage or from selling yourself short. Time to break out the tape measure to plan well for your addition. Now remember, this is a reclining sofa. Play it safe in your measurements by allowing about 4 feet of space front and back for when you and your guests are fully stretched out.

Bright red reclining sofa

Does the Reclining Sofa Looks Right in the Room?

Maybe like us you had a great-uncle as known for his loud suits as for corny jokes. You want your new living room reclining sofa to stand out in your decor but in the RIGHT way! Choose something in a bold color if you’re sure you will be staying in your home for many years. Otherwise play it safe and opt for something more understated like charcoal gray or earth tones. If you have a favorite design style or historical era, you’re in luck because our reclining sofas include many looks from midcentury cocktail cool to ultra-plush contemporary.

Upgrade YOUR living room by shopping for your new reclining sofa affordably at our New York, NY furniture store.