Monday, November 27, 2017

4 Guest Bedroom Essentials

When entertaining overnight guests, you should provide your visitors with a space that feels like their home away from home. A guest bedroom should feature so much more than just a bed—it should also provide comfort, storage space, and some warm personal touches. To help you create the perfect guest bedroom, we have outlined the four home furnishing essentials that are sure to help your guests feel at home.

A Spacious Bed

When building a guest bedroom, make sure you select an appropriately sized bed. First consider the types of guests you usually have staying over your house. Do you usually have one overnight guest at a time or do you often accommodate couples? A Twin or a Full size bed will work fine for a single sleeper, but make sure you invest in a Queen or King size bed if you need a bed that will fit two.

Comfy Bedding

Don’t just supply your guests with any old blanket, but instead provide them with a soft and stylish comforter that matches the rest of the room’s décor. We have bedding sets available in all styles and colors, with options that will perfectly complement both traditional and contemporary décor. Making the extra effort when it comes to bedding will show that you are a caring host and it will no doubt impress your guests.

Bedroom Storage Furniture

Even if your guests are only staying for a day or two, they will no doubt appreciate having bedroom storage furniture to help them organize their belongings. We have affordable dressers and bedroom chests available, along with versatile media chests that include a space for your television set. If you have a particularly small guest bedroom to furnish, you could save space by purchasing a double-duty storage bed instead.

A Cozy Nook

If space allows, carve out a spot in the corner of the bedroom to create a cozy nook where your guests can unwind and perhaps curl up with a good book before bed. Your guest nook can be simple—just an accent chair and a decorative throw will do. This small addition will give your guest bedroom a very personal touch that your guests will surely love.

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