Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Show Your Living Room Decor Some Seasonal Love

In the steady passage of the months, it’s too easy to take your living room furniture for granted. Back and forth, between weekends and work, you may catch a nap on your leather recliner now and then. But stop; seriously look around your space, and ask yourself: is this all I want from my home decor?

We get it: your days get busy, which is why we here at Harlem Furniture feel we owe you one. Today we’ll discuss some new, as well as tried and true, ways you can redecorate your living room, so it relaxes and excites you, any day of the year.  

 living room sofa set

The Ideal Living Room Set: It’s All About Aesthetics

In the furniture business, more than a few stores and manufacturers will sell you on how comfortable, how soft and sumptuous their upholstery is; but for the vast majority—especially those of us who aren’t lounging around on our couches all day—that’s only half of it. As functional as a living room sofa set may be, it’s nothing to you without a consistent and effective style and aesthetic. 

The real advantage of purchasing a living room furniture set: you don’t have to fret over how your loveseat and sleeper sofa will mix and match. And by thinking about the compatibility of your upholstery ahead of time, you avoid a great deal of buyer’s remorse down the line.

 leather reclining sectional sofa

A Versatile Centerpiece: You Want a Sectional Sofa

We won’t mince our words here: a sectional sofa can be the ultimate piece of upholstery in your living room. When you’re struggling to figure out what your decor may be missing, just allow yourself to imagine how much a right or left facing sectional would reframe and enhance your living space.

The moment that you place a sectional sofa in your living room, you’ll likely feel all the more inspired to decorate, and hang in the space, either reading by yourself, or laughing with your friends and family. A leather sectional can have that effect; all you have to do is pick the one that fits you.

Visit Our Store to Rethink Your Living Room Furniture

By far, the best way to plan out your living room: visit a local furniture store, and see your options, and the experts first-hand. Ourlocation in Bronx, NY gives you that, and plenty of discounts, so you can create the living room you and your family deserve.